Many wood workers will know the struggle with to much moist in wood, but they don’t know about wood moisture meters. It can be a pain in the ass, you are ready to process the wood. But is the wood ready to be processed? You need to know if the wood has the right amount of moisture in it. Because you want to keep pushing out the best quality product to your customers. A moisture meter will help you with that. You can measure the moist in the wood. This means that you know exactly when the wood is ready to be processed. What do you want more?

Now you know that a moisture meter is the solution for this problem you will probably ask yourself, what meter am I looking for? Make it yourself easy and read the best wood moisture meters below and save yourself a lot of time!

Top 3 wood moisture meters

We have created a top 3 list of the current best moisture meters specially for wood. Look at the options and read the text carefully to determine what works best for you.

Delmhorst PROSCANW/CS Digital Scan Moisture Meter for Wood, Pinless

Delmhorst Proscan

ProScan, the pin less moisture meter for woodworking applications can help woodworkers and craftsman know if wood is dry enough and ready to use for your project.

  • Very easy to read digital mini-display.
  • Easy to handle, and a very light weighted device.
  • It has a battery that will last long.
  • Built-in corrections specially foor wood with specific gravities ranging between .30 and .80 SG.

Rating: Unknown

Price: $$$

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Delmhorst J-2000 6% to 40% Pin Digital Wood Moisture Meter

Delmhorst J-2000

Delmhorst J-2000W  helps to keep up with ever-changing job conditions.

  • Versatile Meter Corrects for Temperature Changes and 48 Wood Species
  • LCD Screen Shows Results Quickly and Accurately
  • Pin-Type Meter with Electrode Connector Delivers Superior Results
  • Durable Case with Built-In Handle for Portability

Rating: Very good

Price: $$$

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Delmhorst RDM3 Advanced Rdm-3 Moisture Meter, Basic Package

Delmhorst RDM3 Advanced

These handheld moisture meters are packed with features and are ideal for anyone who needs to collect and analyze key statistical information related to moisture:

  • Will shut down itself when it is out of the specified temperature range, which is -20 up till 70 degrees.
  • Is available with different packages, it contains different pins to work with and a carrying case.
  • Specialized electrodes make it much easier to measure some type of woods.

Rating: Unknown

Price: $$$

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